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  1. 1Offshore millionaires become target of wealth tax billOffshore millionaires become target of wealth tax bill
  2. 2Central Bank tightens currency controls as peso weakens
  3. 3Fernández signs decree formalising removal of judges investigating CFK
  4. 4World Cup fixture pile-up overshadows FIFA Congress
  5. 5NGOs ask Macron to 'bury' EU-Mercosur agreement
  6. 6YPF leads Argentina corporate bond rout on new forex limits
  7. 7Pesce, Guzmán split over curbs on dollar purchases
  8. 8Argentina bonds fall with tighter foreign-exchange controls
  9. 9Transport minister says 'return of regular flights' may begin on October 1
  10. 10Macri 'breaks silence' to launch fierce attack on Fernández